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Language Arts

Language Arts  

Language Arts includes Reading, Writing (Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary), and Speaking  

Materials Needed (Daily):  

  • Charged Device (School issued Chromebook) 
  • Textbooks (Four Total): StudySync (Reading and Writing Companion)  
  • Loose leaf paper (college or wide ruled)  
  • Pencil/ Pen         *Highlighter          
  • Earbuds/ Headphones 


  • Will be assigned daily, weekly, or monthly  
  • May be individual, small group, written, and oral  
  • ALL Class and Homework assignments are posted in Google Classroom 
  • I-ready Goal: 45 minutes per week (Reading and Math) 
  • Nightly reading is encouraged  

Grading Categories: 

  • Practice (Classwork and Homework):  50% 
  • Assessments / Projects: 40%         
  • Class Participation: 10% 


GOOGLE CLASSROOM Class Code: Invitation to Join sent through Google Classroom