Thomas Lau » MS-PS-4.1 - Physics - Waves

MS-PS-4.1 - Physics - Waves

PowerPoint Show: Wave Types and Properties
Oscilloscope Simulation
Have a screen shot or snippet of the following using the oscilloscope simulation:
1. A classic transverse wave.
2. A classic transverse wave with an increased amplitude.
3. A classic transverse wave with a longer or shorter wavelength.
Wave on a String Activity
Answering the following questions in your Journal:
Label title: MSB - Making a Rainbow
  1. What is the longest color wavelength?
  2. What is the shortest color wavelength?
  3. What happens to light when it goes through a prism?
  4. Can you make a rainbow out of white light?
  5. What will light bounce off of?
  6. What is another name for bouncing off?
  7. What happens when colors go back through a prism?
  8. All the colors of the rainbow are hiding where?
  9. What are the major colors of the rainbow?
  10. What are the order of colors in a rainbow?
  11. Describe the movement of light or how light travels?
  12. What happens when you shine a red light onto a red object?
  13. What happens when you shine a red light onto a green object?
PowerPoint Shows: Electromagnetic Waves