MS-LS-1.6 - Ecology - Role of Photosynthesis

BrainPop Photosynthesis
PowerPoint - Photosynthesis
Study Jams - Photosynthesis
MSB: Photosynthesis
Copy the following questions and answer the questions in your journal:
1. What item is needed for photosynthesis that is found underground?
2. Where does majority of photosynthesis occur in a plant?
3. What did Ms. Frizzle call the green blob thingy in plants?
4. What pours into the leaf openings?
5. What does the chloroplast do for the plant?
6. What product is made in the chloroplast?
7. Why was covering Phoebe with a cardboard box bad?
8. In the video they said, ____________, ____________, and ______________ is needed for photosynthesis. But what really in "air" is needed for photosynthesis?
9. What product was not mentioned in video that is made through photosynthesis?
10. What to type of organisms do you call plants on the food web?
Photosynthesis - Interactives
Photosynthesis Light Rate Interactive
Chlorophyll Color Interactive