8th Grade

Physics Unit
MS-PS2-1: Newton's Third Law:                                                       August/September
MS=PS2-2: Newton's First Law:                                                       August/September
MS-PS3-1: Kinetic Force:                                                                  October
MS-PS3-2: Potential Force:                                                               October
MS-PS2-3: Electric and Magnetic Forces                                        November
MS-PS2-5: Investigation: Magnetic Forces, Electric Charges       November
MS-PS4-1: Waves:                                                                              November
MS-PS4-2: Light:                                                                                November
MS-PS4-3: Digital vs. Analog Signals:                                             November
MS-ESS1-1: Sun, moon phases, Earth, Eclipses, Seasons. :                                November/December
MS-PS2-4: Evidence for arguments of gravitational interactions. :                         November/December
MS-ESS1-2: Gravity within Galaxies and solar system. :                                        November/December
MS-ESS1-3: Scale/Proportion; Comparative Analysis.                                           November/December
MS-ESS1-4: Geological Time Scale; Eras; Major catastrophic geological events; Ice Age; Mass extinctions.:January
MS-ESS3-4: Human impact on Earth's systems; Human populations: Consumption rates of food, water, natural resources; Data bases.:                                                                                          
Evolution Week 1
(End of January-Mid March)
MS-LS3-1: Changes in genes; Mutations. IN PROGRESS. BODY SYSTEM PROJECT
MS-LS4-1: Patterns in Fossil records; Fossil Index.   DONE
MS-LS4-2: Anatomical Similarities and differences; Vestigial Structures; Comparative Anatomy: Relationship between modern and ancient organisms.   DONE
MS-LS4-3: Species Comparison; Embryonical development.  DONE
MS-LS4-4: Genetic Variations; Traits; Survival of the Fittest.    DONE
MS-LS4-5: Artificial Selection; Human Influence; Seedless fruits; Dog breeds; Gene therapy. DONE
MS-LS4-6: Natural Selection; Proportions and Rates of changes. IN PROGRESS. BODY SYSTEM PROJECT