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7th Grade Science

MS-ESS2-1: Rock Cycle, Melting, Crystallization, Weathering, Deformation and Sedimentation. Energy Cycle, Earth's Interior
MS-ESS2-2: Earth's Physical Change; Water cycle and it's effects; Earth's changing topography
MS-ESS3-3: Fossils, rocks, continental shapes, plate tectonics, fossil evidence.
MS-ESS3-1: Location of nonrenewable resources, Impact of human use.
MS-ESS3-2: Future; Predict natural hazards, develop technology to reduce damage
MS-LS1-6: Photosynthesis; From the Sun to sugars; Matter cycling, Energy cycle, CO2, H20, and conversion to sugars
MS-LS1-7: Food/Energy cycles; Rearrangement of atoms; Release of energy; General cell respiration
,MS-LS2-1: Cause and effect in population; Competition; Populations; Growth Rates; Resource availability; Food and water; 
MS-LS2-2: Patterns interactions; Competition; Mutualism; Predatory
MS-LS2-3: Cycling of matter and energy: Food webs; Producers; Consumers; Decomposers; Energy transfer; Carbon, Phosphorous, Nitrogen cycles
MS-LS2-4: Physical or biological changes in ecosystems; Disruptions to any physical or biological ecosystem can lead to shifts in all its populations
MS-LS2-5: Solutions to maintain diversity in ecosystems; Research
Chemistry Unit
MS-PS1-1: Molecule structures; Compounds; Combinations
MS-PS1-2: Chemical reactions; Chemical change; Chemical properties; Physical properties;Physical change
MS-PS1-3: Synthetic materials; Natural to synthetic; All derived from natural products
MS-PS1-4: Particle motion; State of matter; Changes in state of matter
MS-PS1-5: Stoichiometry; Law of conservation of matter and energy
MS-PS1-6: Thermal energy; Construct, test, and modify a device that releases or absorbs thermal energy; Exothermic; Endothermic