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Mrs. Ghomeshi

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7:15-7:35; 2:35-3:15 M, W



email: [email protected]

school phone: (626) 962-8412


Google Classroom



6th, 7th, and 8th grade McGraw Hill California Inspire


As we enter another exciting year of Science we will continue with year 2 of NGSS standards. Our department has selected to use the integrated model, which introduces students to all several branches (Earth, Life, and Physical). We will have all three sets of books accessible in the classroom, but the students will only take home the science book related to their grade level. The books are only one of resource that we will use during the year, but our primary sources will be Internet investigations, articles and other publications. We will use Google Drive (Classroom, Slides, Docs) and other programs to do the work. I encourage parents to join the Google Classroom class to be up to date with student work. I will have a tutorial about Google class during Back to School Night.


The Common goals stretch across each curriculum.

  •     Investigate problems and find a solution supported by data and evidence.
  •     Interpret and communicate scientific information.
  •     Learn how to solve problems in a team atmosphere.
  •     Learn how manipulate technology to express scientific results.
  •     Connect science to other core subjects and the real world and see how different disciplines of science are related to the issues in everyday life.
  •     Use Engineering practices to design and construct models.



Students are required to come class prepared and on time everyday. Students that misbehave during instructional time receive the following:

  •     Verbal warning
  •     Reflection Behavior (written)
  •     Phone call /email to parent
  •     Detention
  •     Serious violations will result in a student being written up and sent to the Assistant Principal, these violations could result in parental conferences or even suspension.
  •     Student must complete a written assignment explaining the reason for behavior and how it will be corrected.
  • Homework:

    Homework is a vital part of your student’s education, each assignment will correlate with what we’re doing in class, and that’s why it is imperative that your child submits homework in my class on time, this gives them extra practice in a particular area. Homework submitted late will result in one letter grade drop unless student brings in an excused note from parent or guardian. Homework will be classwork not completed, videos, vocabulary, and/or projects. 


Make- Up Work:

Late work is accepted until the end of each grading period with a loss of points.

Extra Support:

If your child is struggling in science, please contact me and we can arrange some allotted times after school where I can tutor and help your student with their work.

Materials:  Pencils, Pens, Color pencils/markers and their Chromebook

                                              GRADING SCALE


100 - 90









Did not turn in the assignment

Blank with 0 grade

If turned in with many errors

50 with option to correct




Formative assessments: class work, bell ringers, discussions,

Approximately 3 per week


Any classwork not completed during the assigned time becomes homework. In addition I will assign about 20 minutes of homework per day. Or I will assign about one hour of homework at the beginning of the week and it will be due at the end of the week.

Class participation

Opportunities for Success ( Must Participate)

Quiz/test Every two weeks (not during Unit 0)

Summative Assessments: End of unit Exams, end of standard.

Minimum 1 per quarter

Experiments/Hands-on activities

Some of the labs will be demonstrations. I will try to find activities that students can make with materials found at home, before they go in the trash.

Classroom work

Everyday we meet, there is work to be done.