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Physical Education (P.E.)

Physical Education / Health  

The goals of our Physical Education (PE) Program are:  

~to help each student become more physically educated and fit,  

~to allow students to enjoy a variety of physical activities, and   

~to assist students in their overall lifelong health and well-being.  


  • Participation in calisthenics (exercising), and  
  • Participation in sports activity (individual and group)  
  • Participation in the Mile Run (bi-monthly)  
  • Participation in the Pacer (bi-monthly)  

PE Schedule 

Tuesday and Thursday as part of the BP STEM Academy “BE WELL” Days 

All students are to dress in appropriate workout clothes on PE days.  Students need to abide by the school's dress code policy while in all classes. 

Students may only be excused from participating in P.E. class with a parent note or for an extended length of time with a doctor's note.   

Alternative assignments will be assigned to students who will miss PE for an extended length of time. 


NOTE: ALL Class and Homework assignments are posted in Google Classroom