Thomas Lau » MS-PS-2.2 - Physics - Forces and Friction

MS-PS-2.2 - Physics - Forces and Friction

Force and Motion
PowerPoint Show:
Copy the questions and answer as you watch the video:
Magic School Bus: Plays Ball
1. What are the forces described in the video in the first couple of minutes?
2. What does Friction do again?
3. What was the example of Newton's 1st Law of Motion that was used in the video?
4. What happens when they go play on a field without friction?
5. What happened when Ms. Frizzle bumped into Dorthy-Ann?
6. How did Dorthy-Ann and Raphfie stop?
7. What happened when they both pushed each other?  
8. What happened when Wanda threw the pitch to homebase? Describe what happened to her.
9. When is friction helpful and when it is harmful.