Thomas Lau » MS-ESS-2.2 - Geology - Shaping Earth's Surface

MS-ESS-2.2 - Geology - Shaping Earth's Surface

Landform Changes Over Time
  1. Watch the following video. 
  2. Take a couple of quick notes about the geology of Manhattan in the space provided.
Introduction Manhattan Geology
     3. I will assign you with 5 other locations where you will either watch a short clip or interact with some images.
     4. Just like the Manhattan Geology you will take a couple quick notes about that particular location's geology. 
Interactive Maps for the other locations
   5. Once you load the application select EXPLORE.
   6. Then select the locations you were assigned.
Interactive Maps for EXPEDITION - Trek 1, Trek 2, and Trek 3
  7. Once you have loaded the application select: EXPEDITION.
  8. Select Trek 1.
  9. Follow the clues and solve the mystery.
 10. There is a total of 5 items to find in each Trek and 1 bonus item good luck!