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Welcome to Mr. Lau's BP STEM Academy School Website!
Hi, my name is Tom Lau. I am one of the wonderful educators here at the BP STEM Academy in the city of Baldwin Park. I have been teaching science and STEM for other 20+ years with experiences spanning elementary, middle, high school and District Office. I have been here at the BP STEM Academy since the dawn of time (2012). My background is in Botany and Organic Synthetic Chemistry with an educational background in Curriculum and Instruction in Science and Technology. I am currently teaching Science and Engineering (PLTW) courses here at the BP STEM Academy and one of the coaches of our competitive VRC/VIQC robotics teams 68689. Finally, I am a family man that loves to travel and spend time working on my art form of trees in pots called bonsai.
My goal for every student that comes into my room or steps on the field is to be come a student leader that is able to communicate, problem solve and execute a solution. Failure will happen and successes are where we learn from those mistakes and grow beyond those experiences. 
Office Hours:
I do not have conventional office hours as I coach the robotics team afterschool on a daily basis. So, if a you a student or a parent like to meet for assistance a simple appointment completed in class or an email to check for my availability.