MS-LS-2.1 & MS-LS-2.4 - Ecology - Cause and Effects that Changes a Population

Copy and answer the following questions:
Video #4 - MSB: Frizzle of the Future
1. Describe and draw the food chain @ 8:15.
2. Why do the custom guards clean up everything before letting anybody on the island?
3. What can the gypsy moths do to an area if they are left alone?
4. What does the term: invasive species mean?
5. What happened to the island in the future?
6. What was the plan to help clean it up?
7. Did it help out? Yes or No? What happened?
8. Who caused the ecological imbalance?
Read the introduction.
Select "New Generation" button; click "New Generation" button until 30 generations has completed or the graph appears.
Read the caption on the side; 
Answer the following questions:
Hare vs Lynx Population Part #1
1. What does the blue line represent?
2. What does the orange line represent?
3. What does it mean when the line is decreasing on the graph?
4. Why do you think the blue line is decreasing around generation #8?
5. When decreasing the blue line does it effect the orange line?
6. Why does the orange line follow the blue line and not the other way around?
Change the following parameter of the simulation.
Select "Simulation".
Select "Change Assumptions".
Change the following settings as pictured below.
Select "Change & Start Over"
Select "New Generation"; click until 30 generations has completed and until the graph shows.
Answer the following questions:
Hare vs Lynx Population Part #2
1. What does the 3 bumps in the blue line graph represent?
2. Did it effect of the mini bumps have an effect on the orange line graph?
3. What would happen if the orange graph disappears from the data?
Copy and answer the following questions in your journal:
Grass vs. Rabbit vs. Wolf Population Simulation
1. What would happen if there were lots more bunnies than there are were wolves? Would the bunnies take over and live forever?
2. What would happen if there were lots more wolves than there are bunnies? Would the wolves live forever?
3. How do the rabbits and wolves live in balance in this game?
Video #5 - MSB: Rain Forest Ecology
Copy and Answer the following questions.
1. What day is the class celebrating?
2. What did the kids buy for Ms. Frizzle?
3. Where did the class go on their field trip?
4. What was the reason for the field trip?
5. What did they find at the tree location?
6. What cause the tree not producing the cocoa pods?
7. Using a flow map describe the cause and effects on the cocoa pod seed population.
Inspector 47 [what did he do] --> Peccary [describe what happens here] --> mud wallows [describe what happens here] --> 
midge flies [describe what happens here] --> Cocoa tree [describe what happens here] --> Cocoa Pods [describe what happens here]
PowerPoint Show:
Read the article online
Copy the following questions.
Answer the following questions as best you can.
1. How long as the Australian fires been raging on?
2. How many and what animals has been effected by the fires?
3. What is causing the fires to have burned so much for so long?
4. Why are people in Australia so concerned about the fires?
5. Many animals have been killed off by the fires, what are some other reasons for the population to be decreasing?
6. What percentage of koala population has died in the fires?
7. How are they getting this estimate if they are not counting the dead bodies directly?
8. Are fires in Australia a normal occurrence? 
9. What is one warning that Professor Hochuli gives about the wild fires?