Thomas Lau » MS-ESS-3.1 - Geology - Limited Resources

MS-ESS-3.1 - Geology - Limited Resources

Uneven Distribution of Limited Resources on Earth

Questions: Please answer the following questions in your journal


Title: MSB - Water All Over


1. Water ______________________ is water that has been evaporated by the sun.

2. When water vapor _____________________ it changes back to liquid water.

3. Clouds move across the sky by ____________ .

4. Water condenses into droplets to form ___________.

5. The process of water evaporating, condensing, falling and collecting is the ______________ cycle.

6. A ____________________ is where our drinking water is collected.

7. The first step to cleaning our water happens in the ____________________ basin.

8. To help clean the water, alum / soap is added to the dirty water.

9. In the settling basin, the dirty alum settles to the bottom and clear / blue water is on top.

10. The clear water is ____________________ through sand and gravel to catch small particles.

11. After the water is cleaned, it then travels through __________________ pipes to faucets.

12. Water in a _____________________ can take almost _________ years to melt.

13. The Earth’s _____________________is 2/3 water but only a tiny amount of the water is drinkable.

14. Where have you learned this concept before?